Posted by Krystle On 10/21/2009
If only sustainability were as easy as scanning a product, right? CO2Code is a recent start up that seeks to make the whole process easier. When a company chooses to carbon offset their products or production. CO2Code then gives the company a barcode to put onto their products with an ID number. Consumers can then take the ID number from the product they bought and see how it carbon offset and to what extent.

More information about how products are being offset would be a great plus for companies that choose to use this service. (You guys know how much BrandAware loves to see companies providing information.)  However, there are a few potential drawbacks to this system. The first drawback being that if I have to buy the product and then take it home to input the information in the CO2Code website, then I may have already bought a product from a company whose sustainability practices are not up to my standards. From a company's standpoint, why use the intermediate CO2Code? A more direct way of doing this would be for companies to simply print clear and accurate information directly on their products and on their websites.


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