One More Sweatshop Busted

Posted by Krystle On 11/24/2009
Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that gets talked about on BrandAware is about negative things corporations are doing, so it brings me great pleasure to be able to post about some good news on the social justice front.

The Good News
An agreement was reached between Honduran workers and Russel Athletics (who makes Fruit of the Loom products) to rehire the factory workers that were fired in an attempt to avoid the forming of a union.  Initially, Russel Athletics planned to just close the factory where workers were trying to organize and start a new one.  With the help of multiple organizations like Labour Behind the Label, People and Planet and United Students Against Sweatshops, one of the largest anti-sweatshop campaigns in history was launched.  Much of the pressure came from students at universities who convinced the administration to drop their contract with Fruit of the Loom unless changes were made for Honduran workers.

The Really Good News?
We can only hope that this victory will 1) inspire more people to get involved in this issue, and 2) set a precedent that will ensure companies take responsibility for their poor labour practices.

More on the Honduran Workers/Russel Athletics Victory 
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1 Response to 'One More Sweatshop Busted'

  1.'> November 25, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    You know, this piece made me think of how lucky we are living in North America, especially Canada. I know we have our problems, but I couldn't imagine being a victim of third world countries who have to subject themselves to harsh living standards. I don't often think about sweatshops; I guess I figured since we live in 2010 pretty much that those sort of industries didn't exists anymore, but they do. I think it is great to shed light upon this issue and I also hope this sets a precedent. It is good to have global awareness and blogs make it easier to get that knowledge.


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