Toxic Toys

Posted by Krystle On 12/09/2009

 A U.S. Toy study found all kinds of hazardous toxins in children's toys.  Almost half the toys tested contained PVC, a plastic which can have adverse effects on people, especially small children who might put things in their mouth.

Some of the products listed as being of "high" concern are:
  • High School Musical argyle belt: tested to have high levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic.
  • Disney Princess Sandals: found to have high levels of bromine.
  • Marvel Hot Rodz cars: high levels of lead.
  • Cupcake clip watch: high levels of cadmium.
That's right: lead and arsenic.  Maybe don't pick your niece up that High School Musical belt this Christmas.

CBC: U.S. toy study finds toxic substances

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