Halloween: What now?

Posted by Krystle On 11/01/2009
Well, hopefully your Halloween was filled with homemade costumes and delicious treats. The last thing I would like to do is offer up some tips for what you can do after all of the Halloween fun has died down.

What to do with your costume:
  • Keep it for another year.  For hardcore Halloween fanatics, reusing your costume might not be an option, but if you think you might just want something to wear in a pinch next year then stick everything together in a box at the back of a closet.
  • Pass it off to a friend.  If you don't think you will wear the costume again, post a facebook message asking if anyone is interested.
  • Donate to a 2nd hand shop.  Remember Value Village?  Send your costume there for someone else to discover.
  • Recycle any materials possible.  If you were a giant cardboard box for Halloween, be sure to stick that on your curb.
Until next year, Happy Halloween!

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